Mold residents petition to become part of Denbighshire. Claim Flintshire is “Proper Gash”

A PETITION has been setup by residents of Mold, pleading with DCC to extend their county boundaries to include the town.

The document, titled “Flintshire? More like Flintshite! A better life for Yr Wyddgrug” has so far been signed by 8000 people and is expected to hit 10k by the close of mold-county-hallFebruary.

The author has chosen to remain anonymous due to fear of the Flintshire firing squads, however a spokesperson at the county council said that practice was almost non-existent anymore and that they’d welcome open discussion.


Ever since the Caerwys practice of writing “Nearly Denbighshire” on letters &
correspondence caught on and the proposed underground passage between the town and Bodfari, residents of Mold have pushed hard to be part of Denbighshire instead.

A spokesperson at Denbighshire County Council said “Not a chance! Mold is a crap name anyway, Flintshire can keep them.”

More on this when it never happens.