Kanye West asks DCC exec for a loan to buy Llanbedr School

THE controversial rapper tweeted “Yo Mehmet, ima buy yo school. invest in KeducationWest @ $5mil i promise kids be stars like me. Im the best teacher in the world.”

kanyeIn a string of requests including asking Mark Zuckerberg for a 1 billion dollar loan, it seems that Kanye now see’sĀ himself as a teacher. “Im like jesus or moses bro, people follow what I say, I am the teacher of life. #kanyeforpresident #tidal” he tweeted shortly after.

The musician has setup a company called “KeducationWest” with a view to buying schools and presenting pre recorded e-lessons to classes of students across the world, with subject ranging from how to see through shutter-shades without stumbling, to Kanye’s own unique style of accounting and book keeping.

The companies website claims “No needless math numbers, no pointless geography mountains. Just lyrics, fashion and pictures of Kim Kardashian… everything modern education needs.”

While Kanye was unavailable for comment, DCC’s exec said “We don’t listen to 1000 parents, you really think we’ll listen to him? Actually we might… good way to put up council tax actually. We’ll get back to you on that.”