Chester Zoo appealing for information after escaped ape found dealing drugs in Denbigh

AN ape who escaped from Chester zoo over 3 years ago has been spottedĀ in Denbigh, under the alias ‘Dwayne the Nutter’. The primate is believed to have escaped in the night several years ago to embark upon a career as a professional typesetter, but found work was sparse and turned to the streets.

GorillaFingerDwayne has eluded police for several years but now advanced facial recognition software employed within Denbigh to make sure certain residents aren’t allowed to leave has picked up on him.

A spokesperson at Chester Zoo said: “We’re happy that Dwayne is alive, but we don’t think he should be leading this kind of life, it’s not safe. Please, come home.”

Some people aren’t convinced however, as the facial recognition software is trained to recognise monkey-like yobbo’s on back streets, so this may simply be an error as reports seem to suggest that Dwayne is sporting a baseball cap, tracksuit pants tucked into his trousers and “bling”.