‘Warped Wales’ office discovered in abandoned public toilet in Gronant

A POPULAR satirical news outlet, Warped Wales has had to picket outside a toilet as their official base of operations is put in jeopardy by county renovations.

The toilet block on the outskirts of Gronant has been abandoned since 2004 and has since become a popular dogging spot and office complex for the outlet, but plans by Denbighshire to knock down and rebuild the block has forced Warped Wales staff to strap themselves to the roof in protest.

Look at their stupid logo

Look at their stupid logo

A Denbighshire spokesperson said: “We’ll probably just knock it down anyway, we don’t need yet another copycat satirical outlet spouting the same rubbish, and obviously we know Denbighshire Today did it first.”

Warped Wales were unavailable for comment.