Denbigh wins Halloween award as all residents mistaken for “ghosts”

DUBIOUS and early celebrations are being made today as Denbigh has won the award for “Most people dressed up for Halloween in a single area” after judges walking through the town yesterday accidentally mistook all the residents for ghoulish clad facsimiles.

“They were moving very slowly, with a vacant look in their eyes and seemed to have no purpose about them.” said David Schmitz, one of the judges.

Denbigh itself is also in black and white for 200 days of the year

Denbigh itself is also in black and white for 200 days of the year

“We tried to speak to several of them, and they totally ignored us. Some simply sighed and said ‘aye’ once in a while, the entire act was extremely well thought out and convincing, or so we thought.”

The judges made their way out of Denbigh and faxed the award through to the town council, who embarrassingly had to admit that there was in fact no act going on, and that the residents were simply that vacant all the time.

Talks are now being held with the Welsh Tourism Board to turn the town into a ghostly themed adventure park once a year, where contestants from all over the world will be able to try their hand at ‘blending in’ with the undead locals for as long as they can before being chased out of the town by the alcohol fuelled zombies which appear later on in the evenings.


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